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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Artists & Displays

Monthly Artists & Displays

Stop by the libraries every month to see changing displays featuring beautiful works of art and interesting collections, artifacts, or memorabilia--all contributed by the creative, talented people that live right alongside you in your community.

August 2015:

Do you have an interesting collection to share?

We're always looking for community members who wish to share their talents at the library each month. 

Displays provide exposure to the work of artisans and artists, or provide information on subjects of general interest to the public. The display cases are secured. For more information call your local branch or contact us.

Central Ridge Branch


Display: Video Game Characters


Heroes, villains, and monsters of all sorts are currently on display at the Central Ridge Library. Some of you may remember these Characters from 90’s video game fame. A truly exciting collection that will bring back memories of your first Zergling Rush, the time you gibbed that noob, or how you forgot to restock phoenix down before that boss fight. If none of that made sense to you its ok, you can still come down and take a look at early videogame history!

Coastal Region Branch


Lego Display_CR 


 Frank Curtis_Photography



Display: LEGO

Check out a unique LEGO display at the Coastal Region Library this month. Be sure to stop by every second and fourth Wednesday at 4:30 each month to make some LEGO creations of your own at LEGO Time.

Artist: Frank Sunshadow Curtis

This month's artwork is a collection of photographs taken by local photographer Frank Sunshadow Curtis. 

Frank is a descendant of the Peobscot & Chippewa Tribes. He lives in Citrus Springs with his wife Ellen. 

Frank began his career in photography while he was enlisted with the US Coast Guard. His photography skills have taken him all over the world, even to Antarctica. 

In addition to photography, Frank is also an accomplished musician and writer of Native American stories. 

Visit the Coastal Region Library this month to see some Frank's photography.

For more information contact Frank: 352-643-0096.

Floral City Branch


Artist: Lois Owens

Lois Owens

Decorative Painting

Lois teaches classes in Citrus County and loves watching the progression of painting.  She "loves painting on tin, wood, chairs, and just about anything you can find in the thrift stores.  It is a way to give everything a second life."

Join us at the Floral City Library on Friday, August 14th from 1:00 to 2:30 PM to meet Lois and watch her creating one of her pieces.


Flannelboard: “Five Hungry Ants”
Five hungry ants, marching in a line,
Came upon a picnicwhere they could dine.
They marched into the salad,they marched into the cake,
They marched into the pepper….uh oh, that was a mistake!
(count down)
Credit: Miss Mary Liberry

Homosassa Branch


Glass Work_HO
Water Colors_HO 

Display: Fused Glass Jewelry


This month's display is a collection of Fused Glass Jewelry made by Barbara LaMountain. 

Barbara LaMountain has been working with Fused Glass designs for many years. For more details about her work, contact M&B Glassworks. 


Artist: Lucy Lowry


Artist Lucy Lowry relocated from Texas as a digital editor and is an inspirational artist. She shares a collection of wonderful artwork themes in watercolor.

For More Information Visit:


Lakes Region Branch

metal bots1

Metal Bots


Tina in the Bog

Display: Metal Bots

The Metal Bots display is provided by Brenda Spilios. 

From the artist:  "In the summer of 2013, I viewed a special exhibit at the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala called "Art of the Robot."  I became smitten with the robot-inspired sculptures made from vintage objects and metal scraps on display.  I thought to myself, "I can do this!"

I came home and set about creating my own sculptures, calling them whimbots (whimsical robots.) I started browsing antique shops, charity stores and the family garage for interesting metal pieces.  I love using pieces that are tarnished, rusted, and battered because I find them charming.

I became adept at using a drill press and a hack saw in order to assemble my creations.  I do no welding or soldering.  Each work of art comes together like a complex puzzle; I use nuts and bolts and screws and my imagination.  I have fun making them and my hope is that they are fun to look at.

I retired from teaching five years ago after 34 years in the profession. I have lived with my family in Inverness since 1986."


Artist: Lucy Lowry

Artist Lucy Lowry relocated from Texas as a digital editor and is an inspirational artist. She shares a collection of wonderful artwork themes in watercolor.

For More Information Visit:

“Grampy has always believed that children should grow just like wildflowers along the waterside.”

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